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20+ years general computer programming, software, analyst, systems experience, with 10+ years web and PHP/MySQL development, both backend/frontend, skilled in object-oriented MVC frameworks and design patterns. I've spent 10 years as IT Manager for a mortgage office in Clearwater FL, formed my own LLC company for mobile app and web development, and I have the B.Sc. in Computer Science from U.S.F. (Tampa).

  • Extensive hand-coding experience in PHP 5, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript/JQuery / AJAX / XML / JSON
  • Programming Enterprise-level PHP sites from scratch and with existing frameworks, maintaining sites/scripts
  • Extensive web design with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Adobe Flash, Joomla, WordPress and other tools
  • Database design MySQL / SQLite / MS SQL Server / PHPMyAdmin / PostgreSQL / MongoDB
  • Familiar with frontend/backend JS frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, Backbone.js, Node.js
  • Languages: PHP, C / C++ / Objective-C / C#, Java, Ruby, also VB6, PERL, COBOL, Pascal, Ada
  • 3+ years mobile development with Google Android SDK (Java), Apple iPhone/iOS SDK (Objective-C)
  • IDE/OS: Unix/Linux, Windows, OS X, VirtualBox, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Xcode
  • Merchant account e-commerce API's: PayPal IPN,, SlimCD, numerous shopping carts
  • graphics with Win32 GDI, DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 2D/3D engine, mobile game and app programming
  • Working 3D Graphics Engine in C / OpenGL (
  • Excellent written / oral communication, speaks and writes clear fluent English
  • Team player familiar with version control systems like Subversion (SVN) and Git (GitHub/Bitbucket)


Vaz Games and Vaz Software, LLC, St Petersburg FL, 2013-present
President and Lead Software Engineer

  • Computer Consulting, Web Development (PHP/MySQL), Mobile App and Game Development (Google Android / Apple iOS / HTML5 / PC)
  • Limited Liability Corporation formed March 2013
  • with Media Services Group, frontend changes for a complex ASP.NET/C# bookstore system running about 50 popular Christian and Catholic bookstore/shopping cart sites, changes to existing HTML / CSS / JavaScript / JQuery
  • with The Money Company and National Business Communications, frontend / backend PHP developer for a PayDay Loan site using multi-part modal form, re-wrote all PHP / MySQL and HTML / JavaScript / AJAX connecting successfully to LeadFlash web services
  • with State Business Network series of 'social media' sites, PHP backend changes to admin panel
  • with Mother Told Me, re-design of site in PHP/MySQL, native mobile Android and iOS / iPhone apps and games for this Internet start-up
  • with Tropical Marketing Products, frontend / backend changes to an online shopping cart site using Yii framework, BeanStalkApp for staging and deployment, and Git for source control

Tech Data (SNI Technology), Clearwater FL, 2015-2016
Senior Web Developer

  • large PHP and IT team for their StreamOne Cloud services working with such large tech companies as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Amazon
  • PHP5 with Symfony (Object-Oriented MVC PHP framework) and Backbone.js for frontend / backend code
  • PostgreSQL (pgAdmin / HeidiSQL) and MongoDB JSON NoSQL (RoboMongo / POSTMAN) databases
  • Git, GitExtensions, Atlassian SourceTree for source and version control
  • JIRA for projects/issues, STASH Bitbucket for Git repositories, CONFLUENCE for documentation

Vanguard Protex Global (Vanguard Products Group), Oldsmar FL, 2011-2013
Senior Web Developer

  • Senior Web Developer for a highly modified Pinnacle Cart, responsible for all enhancements to the cart, bug tracking, maintaining and documenting the existing PHP code base
  • Re-design of new shopping cart with Yii framework (Oject-Oriented MVC PHP framework)
  • Created an online PHP Coupler Finder for engineering and the general public with the ability to search and maintain data on their security products, power couplers, devices, brands, systems, and the relationship between these objects
  • Other projects include maintaining a call list in Ruby on Rails, changes to the existing C# .NET bridge code that communicates online orders and status via XML with their accounting system (MAS), and a PHP Configurator to answer the question "What Do You Want to Secure?"

Mother Told Me, LLC and Cornerstone Coupons, LLC, Tampa FL, 2010-2011
Software Engineer, Web Developer

  • Software Engineer / Web Developer for two large coupon / social networking sites
  •, written in PHP/MySQL from a WordPress template, all backend and frontend PHP5 hand-coded, XML web services, user/click tracking, JavaScript/JQuery, AJAX
  •, written in ASP.NET/C# with Visual Studio 2008/2010, frontend work .aspx/HTML, Master Pages, CSS styling, JavaScript/JQuery

Mortgage In Minutes Inc, Clearwater FL, 2000-2010
Information Technology Manager, Software Engineer, Web Developer

  • IT Manager making all software and hardware decisions for the company, maintaining all computers and networking in the office, and working with Loan Officers (we had over 100 at one time)
  • Established ( company web site, multiple-listing service (MLS) in PHP / MySQL uniting Real Estate agents with Buyers and Mortgage Brokers, and from a WordPress blog with custom PHP / CSS tweaks and edits
  • Maintained over 300+ domain names, many shared Linux sites hosted by Addr, GoDaddy, HostGator using CPanel and other interfaces, one dedicated Windows Server hosting site with PLESK interface
  • Maintained online Lender List (HTML), Mortgage Forms (HTML / PDF), marketing strategies for Loan Officers
  • Designed and tested online 1003 Mortgage Application form in PHP / HTML which generates and saves a Byte Mortgage (version 4.4) text file from 1003 Mortgage Loan data, used by hundreds of Loan Officers on their custom sites
  • Designed and tested an .htaccess password protection system in PHP / HTML
  • Designed and tested an online version of a Florida Do-Not-Call list checker in PHP
  • Invite, an online refinance calculator (FHA and conventional) that plays a video response in JavaScript / HTML with Real Media / Windows Media
  • Streaming videos / Adobe Flash / Windows Media / Real Player / DVD for Lender Account Executives
  • Working with video / audio editing software: MS MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, various video / audio / DVD converters
  • Jumbo, a PHP / JavaScript / HTML site for generating a Good Faith Estimate for Jumbo Loans with a small online chat app (PHP / HTML frames based)
  • apps in Visual Basic (VB6) for mortgage industry, text processing, marketing strategies


University of South Florida (USF)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science

Courses include: Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Linear Systems, C and COBOL Programming, Computer Architecture and MIPS Assembly, C++ Software Systems Development 

St. Petersburg College 
Associate of Arts (A.A.) Computers/Engineering

Courses include: C Programming, Visual Basic I and II, and Java Programming I and II


Member of Tampa Bay PHP Developers Group (formed 2006)

Member of Suncoast iOS Apple iPhone Developers Group (formed 2009)

Member of Tampa Bay Android Developers Group (formed 2011)

Member of Suncoast Game Creators (formed 2013)

Professional Member (largest/oldest professional technical organization)

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