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About the Music

Daniel's Dream - Dear Life is the music of the first two games (Vazteroids and Six Night Out).

Daniels Dream - Dear Life It was recorded in late 1998 by my twin brother, Steve Vaz, at Moon Penny Studios in Hudson, FL and engineered by Rich Wise (Harry Dash, Tenspoke Indies, etc).

Daniels Dream is:

James Keene - vocals, guitar
David Archibald - bass
Marty Davis - drums and percussion
Steve Vaz - guitars, bass, and backing vocals

Cover is Phil Vaz at about 5 years old (with twin Steve in the background). The drummer (Marty) is on the flip side.

Tracks are available below (mp3 - 128kbs 44khz stereo):

  1. Dear Life
  2. Choice
  3. Have It All
  4. Come to Your Senses
  5. Not Your Fault
  6. Chance
  7. You Go Before Me
  8. Smoke and Mirrors
  9. Hey you (Find the Way)
  10. Awakening
  11. Afterglow

All music and lyrics © 1999 by Steve Vaz and Dreamusic. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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