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Our Games and Apps

Some of our games and apps in development:


"Vazteroids" is a universe or space-scroller video game in the tradition of the old Atari 'asteroids' with several new twists and educational elements added, multi-directional scrolling universe, many diverse 'space' objects to shoot down and avoid, and many levels of fun. Learn some astronomy and physics while playing the game! Game to be published by Vaz Games and Vaz Software, LLC. The screen shot above is an 'old' screen shot of the 'prototype' (using GDI in Windows) that the game is based on.


"Six Night Out" is a classic 2D sidescroller or platformer that involves six girl or boy characters playing at once, where all six have to complete the game. You can optionally play as one or six or anything in between. With multiple players it will be a lesson in teamwork. Up to six detailed levels with numerous 'enemies' and obstacles. Game to be published by Vaz Games and Vaz Software, LLC. The screen shot above is from the 'prototype' in DirectDraw (for Windows PC). The artwork for the final game will be more diverse and original.


"Shmerl" is a mobile and HTML5 video game by Vaz Games and Vaz Software, LLC. In development and planning stage (meaning I'm not sure what it will be yet!). There will be a 'character' named 'Shmerl' !

Other proposed games

(in design and development, titles are tentative)

Depth Charge
- classic late 70s, early 1980s game with ship on top, subs below

Vaz Ski
- player 'skiis' upward between flags that move down screen in a pseudo-3D motion

Vaz Drive
- similar driving game where car drives up road represented by pseudo-3D pylons

Vaz Maze
- similar to my classic Vaz Pacman (see my retro games)

Vaz Defender
- similar to original Defender arcade game
- scroll and shoot left/right, earth (mountain) pattern at bottom

Vaz Bowling
- 2D game of bowling with simulated physics

some of my favorite arcade games growing up in the 1980s!

Our HTML5 versions of games powered by Construct 2....

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